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    Q. How to make most out of your appointment ?

    • Please arrive a little early to complete the registration documentation with the hospital.
    • Please stop anti-histamines at least 3 days prior to your appointment, as they interfere with skin testing.
    • If anti-histamines can not be stopped, we can still be able to do IgE (blood) testing.
    • Make a list of questions you would like to be answered
    • Bring along
      • photos and digital images - referral letters - list foods that may have causeda reaction
      • Content lists of any processed foods which may have caused the reaction.
      • Please take time to think carefully about events surrounding your reaction / symptoms
      • Please bring a small specimen of the food ( no more than 3 specimens) you think has caused the reaction to the clinic.

    Q. What is a skin prick test ?

    Skin prick testing involves placing test substances (allergens) on the skin of the forearm that are then pricked / scratched into the skin using a sterile lancet. This is not a painful and is performed on both children and adults. The tests are read after 15 minutes.
    If the test is positive, an itchy wheal will appear at the site of the test.

    Q. How common are allergies to food ?

    Not all food related adverse events are due to allergy. Some of these will be food allergies whilst others are food intolerances. A consultation with an Allergy Specialist will help to tease out allergy from food intolerance to ensure that the advice and treatment are correct.

    Q. How much does it cost to have the tests done ? 

    Blood tests - Please ask the Admin team in the reception who will be able to provide with the prices of different blood tests. 

    Skin tests - See fees page